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Durban, We Are Here!


Who Are We

AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy is launching in Durban!

We are happy to announce a groundbreaking partnership agreement with a Top 5 Institution of Higher Learning, Durban University of Technology!

This means that if you are in Durban, and are interested in your child (ages 8-14) to do Coding and Robotics, classes will be conducted at world-class Robotics and Computer laboratories at Durban University of Technology.

This long-term partnership is informed by the Department of Communications & Digital Technologies' 'National Digital & Future Skills Strategy' which presents a vision of a South Africa in which all her people are able to benefit from enhanced digital skills, thereby contributing to a significantly improved quality of life, improved education and higher economic growth.


The digital skills gap also underlines the need for structured initiatives aimed at young people. This implies the need for an interface between employers and tertiary institutions to ensure that youth graduates are equipped with digital skills appropriate for sector requirements. It is also clear that many segments of the workforce lack a sufficient digital skills foundation to enable easy reskilling and access to new job opportunities.


Through this revolutionary partnership, a solid foundation will be laid at a grassroots level to ensure that by the time learners enter the Durban University of Technology's Higher Education structures, they possess the necessary critical thinking, complex problem-solving and Technology skills to smoothen their learning and Technical process at university level and increase chances of success post-DUT.


The Outcomes as a result of this strategic partnership:


  • Durban University Technology at the forefront of the 4IR Skills revolution

  • Talent development that is unmatched

  • Championing coding & robotics training

  • DUT as the institution of choice for future skills / jobs

  • Greater affinity with schools and targeted market

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