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How artificial intelligence will reshape teaching and learning in our classrooms.

Even though there is a still a firm belief of the critical presence of teachers is in the classroom, there will be many changes to a teacher’s job and to educational best practices.

Artificial intelligence is a software that basically writes itself. In a more easier language, artificial intelligence is a machine that can somehow do a specific set functions on its own while learning a better way to do the same function over time. What does this mean to education though? If you have a kid or planning to have one in the near future you are probably wondering because this is probably going to affect education from this point and reshape it in ways never thought of or seen before.

As already stated, artificial intelligence can learn a better way to do things. This ‘man’, a learning software with proper hardware is being developed everyday. This software, when bought for a child at an early age of three (3), the parent will feed it with basic information of the kid. That is, it will require the parent to say, provide it with a name, age, language and more. At elementary phase, the learning software will provide multiple discipline subjects to study. That is, if a parent prefers a kid at that age to focus on sciences for example it will provide learning experience on the sciences subject, or languages, philosophy, politics, etc or better — a combination of the above.

Over time, the software will provide practical questions and problems to solve. While doing the above it will also understand the child’s brain complexity and thinking. Such a software will therefore, continuously increase over time the complexity of the problems to be solved. Understanding and growing with child, the software will in turn be able to analyse and understand the child’s areas of interest challenging them more in this area and of course with modifications, either allow the child to continue with multiple studies or focusing on one area of study. With voice recognition, this will be a visual teacher for any child at any age.

Wouldn’t such be a marvel of an education?

In the Augmented Age we are in today, we are faced with a complexity of understanding people — What they need and when they need it so we better respond and with accuracy. Through artificial intelligence, big data and data analytics via smart AI-induced systems, a software can capture all the necessary data and gain a good enough understanding of us as humans; just like software systems such as those deployed at Facebook, Twitter and Google that understand us way better than our parents, children or even spouses ever will. Only here we’ll be using the similar systems not just to share our most favorite memes or tapes (lol), but to properly educate children of the world.

With such a system, a child studying copyright at an age of sixteen (16) will be ready to work in a media company, an engineering student will know how to structurally design a building and so on and so forth.

If you are continuously asking yourself what the age of machine learning can do for your child, well it will most probably redefine education as we know it. Contrary to what our socialists believe, it will create more smarter and engaging humans. Instead of waiting twenty-one (21) years or so to be part of the world economy, a sixteen-year old child (or even younger) can be a part of the economy and participate thus allowing growth for economic development as we can see happening at AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy.

Given how we have about 41% of young people aged 15 and below — their participation will become crucially important to unlocking opportunities and harnessing growth within the continent of Africa filled with tons of original ideas and innovation.


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