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More than an Academy

AlgoAtWork is a haven where youth's growth is our highest priority. We love, care, and are passionate about helping them evolve into the best versions of themselves. Welcome to a place where 'cool' means shaping the future

Image by Lucas Santos


Some of the R&D projects

Lead Researcher: Robotics & AI

Francis Djumo Junior

Francis Djumo is the lead Researcher in Robotics and AI at AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy. With an Honours degree in Information and Communication Technology from Durban University of Technology, Francis brings a deep understanding of the intersection of technology, innovation, and societal impact. His journey from founding a hardware/robotics startup to developing ground-breaking autonomous robots manifests his dedication to leveraging technology to bridge gaps and inspire change.


the Catalyst of Rural Prosperity

uNhlanzeko possesses an array of capabilities carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of underserved communities. Her advanced sensors and artificial intelligence systems enable her to navigate challenging terrains, adapt to diverse environments, and perform a multitude of tasks with precision and efficiency. Imagine uNhlanzeko effortlessly fetching water from rivers and delivering it to households, freeing community members from the burden of arduous manual labor. Picture her traversing vast agricultural fields, aiding farmers in planting, harvesting, and optimizing crop yields. With her intuitive interface and user-friendly design, uNhlanzeko becomes an accessible and indispensable ally to the elderly and people living with disabilities, enhancing their independence and quality of life.

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At AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy, we believe in providing a transformative learning experience that goes beyond the boundaries of coding and robots. Our program offers much more than technical skills—it encompasses product research, development, and prototyping, empowering youths to become true problem solvers. Our main premise is simple yet powerful: By the end of the course, our trainees have the ability to design, build, and present innovative solutions to real-world hardware challenges that impact our society, industries, and economy. We foster a culture of inquiry and empower mentees to investigate, propose, and implement solutions to address these pressing issues

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