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Robotics are always exciting, even when designing a simple robotic arm that can hold a cup of coffee or draw circles with a pen on paper. However, robotics suddenly become a lot more exciting when the robot you’re building can move around, identify objects or possibly even make your coffee and bring it to your bedside each morning. This is why we always jump at the opportunity to expand our Robotics Kits category, with functional but affordable robot buddies like this Pirate: the 4WD Arduino-Based Mobile Robot Kit.


The Pirate is more than just a robot buddy, however, and can actually learn to do more as you upgrade it with different Sensors, modules and other bits ‘n’ bobs. However, even as a basic kit, this little bot can perform functions like obstacle avoidance, line following and exploration around a room via the included URM37 V3.1 Ultrasonic Sensor. It features a nearly-excessive amount of mounting points on all sides and at different angles, so that you can continue to improve it, add to the functionality, and even add a FPV view so that you can feel what it’s like to be a tiny robot in a massive human’s world!


Finally, what differentiates this model from others – aside from the DFRobot Original quality components – is that the Pirate includes a Romeo BLE as the primary controller. This “Beefed Up” Arduino-Based Board is an upgrade from a standard Arduino, with a powerful microcontroller, built-in motor drivers, accommodation for high-power servo motors, as well as Bluetooth 4.0 BLE to allow you to control the bot via a smartphone or computer application.


The official app is known as “GoBLE” for iOS, but for Makers it has also been adapted for Androids with the alternative “PlayBLE” app.

4WD Arduino-based Mobile Robot Kit

R1 905,00 Regular Price
R1 809,75Sale Price

    The multifunctional Pirate 4WD Robot is more than just a little robot, and in the eyes of a Maker it can be a platform for an incredible number of different bot-based projects. A great example is how one of our customers enjoys using these kinds of robot buddies for experimentation purposes, in which a sudden high-temperature reaction could harm a human, but may be completely harmless to a little robot. Other great examples include building a customised robot pet to follow you around, clean your room or bring you a cup of coffee each morning.

    However, the beauty of these kinds of kits is that you can utilise them for almost any projects you can imagine, so get out there and start thinking of great ideas that you can use this little bot-buddy for – or simply browse the net for some amazing ideas that other people have already gone through the hard work to produce.



    • Pirate: 4WD Robot DFRobot Official Wiki
    • Pirate: 4WD Robot Instruction Manual
    • GoBLE iOS App for Romeo BLE
    • PlayBLE Android App for Romeo BLE
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