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This awesome Gravity Series Beginner Project Pack for Arduino offers an easy, solder-free way to learn all about Electronics, Modules and Sensors.


Although the idea of playing with electronics and various Modules may seem really exciting, it can be quite daunting if you don’t even know where to start. This is where the value of this awesome Beginner Project Pack lies, as it is designed specifically to cater to beginners and noobs to the scene, giving you not just the right assortment of components and modules, but also a really awesome project booklet to take you through 10 unique and exciting projects from scratch.


Additionally, compared to typical electronics that would require soldering and intermediate electronics skills, this kit is built around the Gravity Series, which is DFRobot’s specialised collection of modules that simply plug into each other, without any soldering or permanent affixing at all.


This makes it the perfect gift for learners, students or anyone else who has recently taken a liking to Electronics, giving them the opportunity to learn all about sensors, modules and other components in a user-friendly and extremely easy-to-understand way.


So, if you’ve always loved the idea of electronics and Arduino, but have never really known where to even begin, well then the Gravity: Beginner Project Pack for Arduino is certainly an excellent place to start. Not only does it include everything you need to learn about electronics and Arduino, but it even includes some fun projects to help you create entire projects from simple Components. Additionally, we’ve found this to be an awesome gift for learners, students and even adults who are looking for a fresh new hobby to sink their teeth into, possibly even leading to further interest and ultimately a career in the exciting field of electronics and digital circuitry.


17 items in the box. 




R1 485,00Price

    As mentioned above, this kit has been designed specifically with beginners in mind, and this is why all of the included modules and components are designed around the Gravity Seriesconnectors, which can simply be plugged in without any soldering, jumper wires of even breadboards involved. In fact, this is easily one of the most Plug ‘n’ Play Arduino Kits that we have in stock, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to learn about Arduino, Electronics, and how all of these awesome little modules interact with each other.

    With this in mind, if you’re looking for a little taster of what you can expect, the following are the projects that this kit will help you build, and they range from simple learning practices through to building your own “Pandora’s Box” night light that opens up and glows as the sun goes down.


    These projects include:

    • Arduino Project introduction: What is Arduino?
    • Arduino Projects 1: How Does a Device “Think”?
    • Arduino Projects 2: Analog and Digital Signals
    • Arduino Projects 3: Make an LED Blink
    • Arduino Projects 4: Sensor Light
    • Arduino Projects 5: Mini Lamp
    • Arduino Projects 6: Sound Activated LED
    • Arduino Projects 7: Fading LED
    • Arduino Projects 8: Light Regulator
    • Arduino Projects 9: Open Sesame
    • Arduino Projects 10: Pandora's Box
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