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Applause as Guiliana Wright delivers a keynote address at Krya International Kids Conference.

Welcome to Robots and the future.

Greetings to everyone from around the world. My name is Guiliana Wright, an 11-year-old Engineer at AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy, a philanthropist, quarter midget racer, rhythmic gymnast and a model at Trelique Models International who is from the province of Kwazulu-Natal, in South Africa.

About AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy

AlgoAtWork Robotics Academy is a Research & Development facility for children and youth to learn prototyping, software and electronics engineering.

At AlgoAtWork, we use Arduino microcomputers to learn and develop projects that solve world problems using computing, artificial-intelligence and robotics.

Coding and Robotics are taking the world by storm. As a junior Robotician myself, I have seen first-hand what coding and robotics can do and how they can be used to fix the world & solve problems. I developed my first robotics project during Covid-19 and demonstrated it across many platforms, including last year. Soon I am happy to announce that I will be launching my first Guiliana Wright Smart Glasses for education which I hope will help many children get into robotics and coding.

My Project was social distancing glasses. The aim was to alert people whenever they were too close to each other. I used an Arduino microcomputer to develop and programme what the glasses were supposed to do. I alerted people using lights where red is for danger, meaning someone is too close, orange is for warning, and green is for when you are clear and far enough from everybody.

I am launching these smart social distancing glasses as Guiliana Wright's Smart Social Distancing Glasses for education. This is a project close to my heart. Through it, we will introduce many children to coding and robotics. The glasses will launch over the next few months. I know the process is going to be a difficult one. We will be redesigning the glasses, redesigning its computer board and the way lights are connected. My aim with the glasses is to introduce as many children from different backgrounds to coding as possible.

I believe coding and robotics are part of the future that you, my friends gathered here, should explore. The dreams we can achieve and the things we can build through them can be unique. We can, through this knowledge, change the world and be difference-makers. Make it safer for other children, for future generations and us. By learning to code and solving problems through it, we can reverse the effects of global warming; we can make the world a cleaner place, can help clean the oceans and detect plastics in them.

The World Economic Forum released the Jobs of the future report in 2020. In the report, they spoke about careers we should do to stay relevant over the next few years. We must be innovative, solve problems, be creative in our thinking and use technology to monitor and control our everyday things. We have to be able to reason when we speak to others. Jobs such as data analysts, scientists, AI and machine learning specialists, big data specialists and internet of things specialists are experiencing a growing demand.

I am proud to say women have shown that they can take part in skills that make our future. There is a high rise in women's representation in jobs such as artificial intelligence, content production and product development. These are just some of the critical careers in our current world. Some of you might say you are not interested in coding and robotics. Some might say they are not interested in something other than mathematics and sciences. You might be interested in art, music, accounting or anything else. All that is ok, but you can all still participate in this new world.

For example, As a designer, you can design the body of hardware we use to develop these products. You can creatively make sure that they look appealing to use and are user-friendly. That does not require you to learn to code, but you are taking part in the era. The same goes for all other people here who might be interested in other things. When you know and explore things you love, and then you find a way to connect them to this new world, I promise you that you will always be a winner.

There are many ways you can connect them. The beautiful thing about technology is that it is part of everything. The clothes we wear, the way we learn, the food we eat, and so much more. After today, after this speech, you will find out how you can be involved. How you can merge your interests and passions with those of people who are into coding and robotics, and through collaboration, we can always do more. As I always say, Be the Unity in Community.

You can get PowerPoint presentation here:

Robots and the future presentation
Download PDF • 18.94MB


About Krya International Kids Conference

Creativity is the root of innovation and impacts many aspects of a child's learning journey. Cultivating confidence in creativity shall start from a young age, and our role is to nurture them by guiding them along their learning curves. By providing them with a place to explore different activities and people, we expect them to learn and develop their surroundings. Moreover, serving them a platform that will express their feeling, ideas and creativity is our main purpose in supporting them in their golden age. International Kids Conference is more than that; here we give our best for them to utilise their ability to think, write and present their thoughts.

The International Kids Conference has been organized by Krya to support the United Nations in commemorating World's Children's Day. It's the platform to connect children around the world to share their ideas or creations by submitting a visual paper.

About Krya

Krya is a centre for developing creativity and innovation of the youth through collaborative activities that inspire, create, and dedicate their creations to society. implements their working cycle (Inspiring – Creating – Dedicating) in designing learning experiences for students that can be integrated and implemented in their real life through several programs such as Learning through Trip, Make Innovation and Dedicate It (M!ND) WorKLass, Creativity Research Invention – Innovation, as well as Kids and Youth Project Preparation. In carrying out the programs, collaborates with various parties around the World from different backgrounds (Diversity) for example: theme parks, schools, universities, innovation centers, and other institutions which concern with education to produce unique yet useful (Authenticity) and sustainable (Sustainability) works for the society.

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