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Does the iPhone work, feel and look better?

iPhone users would attest to experiencing superior quality when using apps especially third-party apps and if said app also exists on Android, how is it that developers can't provide the same level of quality as they can achieve on iOS? I mean, it's the same app, same features - Is there an issue with the Android Operating System itself?

From using the iOS in-built WhatsApp camera, audio quality to Instagram's in-built camera; posts to stories, it just looks better. Are developers secretly Apple fans or trying to sabotage the Android OS?

Tinfoil hats aside, a closer look shows that Android actually has fallen victim to its own success; you see, its open-source nature allows anyone to build and sell smartphones, from the lowest to the highest end. These are devices built around a vast assortment of business objectives, market needs and budget constrains to suit a wide variety of use cases.

For a developer it is more cost effective to develop for the average spec Android or even out right cut off the lowest end of devices, they build around the average device and for the average hardware component.

On the iPhone side it's milk and honey because you are in a more consistent, robust and polished platform and where one may see four entirely different iPhone variants in a release cycle ie: iPhone mini, iPhone, the Pro and Pro Max; underneath, these phones aren't so different, they virtually have the exact same screen real estate, which allows for User Interfaces that scale perfectly across four phones because RetinaDisplay isn't a term that refers to a fixed screen size, pixel count and density; the technicalities of which, would require a dedicated post.

iOS devs and UI/UX Designers are developing for virtually one phone, this makes the job much easier and the end result much better and the cherry on top is that with the way iPhones are updated one can see that Apple is actually going somewhere with this, instead of throwing in experimental and bleeding-edge features, they only release them once they are seemingly perfect.

Such practices communicate consistency, stability and predictability, something you can bet on. With Android, while it is good to get to see what could be, to see the fresh and the popping, but these features won't get the necessary commitment to be polished and improved on, it becomes hard to take anything that comes next serious, this is the very thing that killed LG, HTC and Sony in the smartphone market - confusing customers.

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